A vote for Tom Tomeny for Governor of Utah is a vote to get money out of politics!

Thank You for Reading

This is a political campaign like no other. It's not about me, it's about getting money out of politics. I pledge to not receive, or spend, a single dollar on advertising my campaign for Governor of Utah in 2024.

We need to create a new political culture, a culture built on ideas and progress, not raising money and being beholden to those who give the money.

And we can do it, together. Spread this message, share this website. Refuse to vote for those who remain in the bondage of political money. Don't allow your vote to be bought!

Our Common Enemy

No matter where we stand on the issues, our enemy is Money Driven Media. The love of money is the root of all evil, and our current media regime is mostly focused on making as much money as possible, no matter the horrendous consequences. The surefire way for Money Driven Media outlets to make more money is to divide us by focusing on that which divides us, pushing the extreme of every viewpoint. Proper use of the Internet can save us from the bondage of Money Driven Media, as we can each communicate freely from our own sites, outside of Money Driven Media's evil grasp.

How do you recognize Money Driven Media?

Watch and listen! Money Driven Media spews a lot of Baseless Stuff aka BS. Mature people have well developed BS detectors. You are not easily fooled by BS. When you hear and see BS, turn of that channel and tune into alternative media that has no BS, because it is produced by individuals as their passion project. While those individuals may be sincerely wrong, if they are not doing it for the love of money, it is not Money Driven Media.