This was my website for my first ever campaign in 2022. I only moved into Utah County shortly before the one year resident requirement.

Who is Tom Tomeny?

I am a concerned citizen of Utah who is on the ballot for Utah County Commisioner, Seat A on November 8, 2022.

Why vote for Tom Tomeny?

Because Tom is the most experienced candidate in the race. He has run businesses, large and small, worked for non-profits, local and national, and has the wisdom that comes only from age, experienced, compassion, and empathy. His current enterprise is, an effort to teach the world a better way to live together.

How can Tom Tomeny win?

Given that Tom is choosing not to engage in ordinary "money politics" the only way for him to win is if you share this site with your friends.

1. Share with your real life friends, in person.

2. Share with your social media friends, on social media.

3. Share with those you influence in your vocation, so if you are a reporter in the broad media, report it.

What is the benefit to me and others  if Tom Tomeny gets attention or wins?

Our political system has been destroyed by money. Often, the person able to win is the one who raises the most money. Money is raised by "vote buying", with candidates beholden to their contributors to do their bidding out of the public purse. This goes all the way back to Roman times, then is was "bread and circuses", today it is free this and free that.

Supporting Tom Tomeny and No Money Politics costs you nothing beyond the 3 steps above. This campaign site does not ask for donations, but rather for the small bit of time to share this idea. 

How else can we get money out of politics?

We can eventually get money out of politics by refusing to vote for those who rely on money to get elected. The Utah County Republicans recently did a great job of this by making Jeff Grey the winner in the primary over David Leavitt for County Attorney. Leavitt probably outspent Grey by 10 to 1, but the voters chose Grey over Leavitt.  It may not be Tom Tomeny, but eventually we will have candidates winning who have spent very close to zero money.

Why is no money politics now possible?

In one word, internet. Before the internet, it cost money to get the word out on who was running and what they stood for, if anything, beyond wanting to be elected. With the internet, it cost almost nothing. This site is hosted free on Google Sites, the domain name costs only $12 a year. When a candidate asks for a financial donation, they then turn and  spend that money of media, printing, campaign trinkets, and the like. We ask only that you share this site.

What are the specifics about Tom Tomeny?

Tom was born in 1960, and is married to Ellice Taylor and they have a combined 9 children. They both have the tragic experience of having each lost one of their biological children. TJ Tomeny passed of a brain tumor in 2005 at age 14. Joshua Taylor passed of complications of spina bifida in 2018 at age 25, a year after Ellice's first husband passed. They live in Orem in a house that was constructed for the Taylor family by Habitat for Humanity, due to the financial stress the Taylor's lived through during the many years of caring for Joshua. Tom and Ellice were married in 2021 and both are extremely devoted to their faith, their family, and the entire family of God's children.

Who is Tom Tomeny running against?

The incumbent is Amelia Powers Gardner and, unfortunately, while she is a very nice lady, she has distinguished herself in office by being a big spender of public money and a big receiver of special interest money donations for this campaign.  She took a $10,000 donation from the proprietors of the biggest potential boondoogle in the history of the U.S., those who want to build subdivision islands in the middle of Utah Lake.

The Democratic opponent is Jeanne Bowen, who also seems to be a very nice lady. She is a public servant, working for the county, and apparently spends almost no money on her frequent campaigns. If Tom were not running, this site would on principle endorse her, even though we have serious misgiving about anyone who is currently affiliated with the Democratic party and many of its recent actions.

What party is Tom Tomeny affiliated with?

Tom Tomeny is running as an Unaffiliated Candidate, and he has lived an unaffiliated life. Since qualifying to vote at the age of 18, he has consistently voted for the most qualified individual that he comprehended at that time, with no regard for party affiliation. Tom personally collected the signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot, after finding that paid signature collectors were expensive and more likely to collect invalid signatures.  Tom has voted for those candidates who he perceived to be of the highest moral character.   This same ethic will drive  his decisions  as a  County  Commisioner, to do what is  right by the people, for the long term benefit of the people.

What is the purpose of political parties today?

Since political parties are no longer necessary to get information about candidates to voters, since that can be directly done over the internet, political parties today are all about power, raw power. They are the most destructive of secret combinations in our world today. They seize and use the rightful police power of the goverment for their own ends. A very recent example includes the raid of Trump's house, by a Democratic Department of "Justice", and similar abuses by some Republicans in years gone by, especially during the Nixon years. Our world would be better served by no political parties, with no "toeing the party line" necessary to get the funding to be re-elected. When we remove money from politics, voluntarily, not by force, we will also end up removing permanent political parties.

Why are there no Tom Tomeny yard  signs?

Yard signs are part of what I am running against, along with TV  and radio commercials, and billboards. I  experimented with a  billboard for a short time, and decided it was not worth  it, which led me to the entire idea of No  Money Politics. Yard signs are particluar egregious, as there are still plenty littering our roadways from the primary election months ago, for candidates who are now out of their races. 

This sounds good, what can I do?

Vote for Tom Tomeny for Utah County Commissioner, Place A if you are a Utah County voter. Nothing can change the electoral world faster than for someone to win using a new idea. 

And, most importantly, whether or not you are a  Utah County voter, support No Money Politics with the small amount of time it will take to:

1. Share this idea with your real life friends, in person.

2. Share  this site with your social media friends, on social media.

3. Share with those you influence in your vocation, so if you are a reporter in the broad media, report it.

And, long term, vote for the candidates that embrace the future by spending less, and truly communicating more, without spending, on simple sites like this, without expensive frills. Candidates who spend a lot of money on campaigns are surely likely to spend more of your money when in office!

What about specific policies?

Tom believes not only in no money politics, but working towards no forced taxation to support government. Government needs to be financed like everything else, but it can be financed without forced taxation. Instead taxes related to consumption, that are freely chosen by those consumers who choose to consume things above and beyond life's necessities, can work to pay far fewer, and much better paid, civil servants.

In general, we have industrial age governments in place now during the information age. A lot of small incremental changes must be made in order for government to catch up to free people continuously improving the world.

How do I learn more?

Contact Tom Tomeny by phone, text, or email. He still uses the cell phone number he got years ago in Dallas, 214 228 6519, and his long time email address is ttomeny gmail. Thank you for your time on this site! We can do this!